This is not the first time i have started up a blog and if truth be told i did it this time because i found an iphone app that lets me post to my wordpress blog and since i didnt have one….So i am getting ready for vacation , a week away at rental cottage with a baby christening thrown in at the other end to un-relax me.

But after that i have been asked whether i would attend the open everything retreat on cortes island british columbia. This intrigues me since it relates to my strong interest in the changes being brought about by social software ie the great flattening out of heirarchy and the great asundering of barriers, the great opening of closedness.

I am going to go, the culture shock of meeting with hippies, geeks, activists and other alternate lifestyle types will make it all worth while. I am sure they are all remarkable people. I do wonder what they will think of a public servant. Better leave the suit and my hardbound copy of the canadian tax code at home. Also they have yoga sessions and sea kayaking every morning as well as organic foods.

So this will be my first blog theme, my adventure at open everything hollyhock on cortes island BC. I wonder if i should propose a topic…

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