Preparing for the trip

So we are preparing for my trip to Open Everything Hollyhock located on cortes island across the strait from Campbell River.  David one of the organizers let me know that it will be a bit of an adventure getting there.  Flight to vancouver,  sea plane to campbell river, then a water taxi.  I was wondering aloud whether the sea plane would be a twin otter and one of my colleagues couldnt understand how they could handle my carry-on let alone carry me.   

Mostly everyone is intrigued about the hollyhock centre here what with their prohibition on pet friends and the new age pre-agenda ie yoga and meditation.   Also the option of staying in a tent seemed to raise a few eyebrows.  I opted for a room myself mostly because i am afraid of bears…and lightning both things that tents dont really protect against.  

As to whether i am going to prepare a topic of discussion the answer is yes.  Not sure what to expound upon but open government consultation would seem an obvious choice.  Another could be using open collaboration to find new and novel ways to resolve some of the pressing environmental challenges we face.    My department is at the forefront of ways to remediate environmental impacts and while ingenuity and innovation are in strong evidence here having literally hundreds of thousands of people sharing their ideas could be extrordinarily powerful.  If anybody is reading this i could always use suggestions.  What would a government employee want to ask a group of leading thinkers about openess.  

Anyway,  this will be the last blog entry for a week or so while I relax in rain soaked eastern ontario.

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One Response to Preparing for the trip

  1. D. says:

    Love the blog! Might want to watch the capitalization… You know, i vs I ….? Just a thought.

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