About me

The organizers or ‘self’ organizers of the open everything retreat asked that we post our bios on the retreat wiki. So, a few nights ago I worked on mine to bring the tone into harmony with the other bios I read there. That is, a bio more ‘with it’ than the slightly self-aggrandizing stock bio ive been using for a year or so. Here it is:

“Peter has been working to develop Internet based tools for government since 1994. He was largely motivated by the potential of distributed information sharing in the early days and lead a number of government of Canada projects exploring this potential.

Currently he responsible for the strategy, analysis and implementation of collaborative technologies at NRCan including a resource wiki, a social networking tool and blogs to name a few. Peter likes to challenge the norm and is interested in the cultural impacts of open technologies as well as collaborative approaches in bureaucratic settings and would like everyone to know that government bureaucracy can be innovative and… open. Peter looks forward to exploring the use of these tools for engagement of ‘stakeholders’ and citizens over the next few years.”

Note that lack of reference to particular projects or my education in wierd existential philosophy (something I am proud of) I wanted to let the participants know what I was passionate about more than what I’ve accomplished.

Aside from the bio itself i have to say that i liked the fact that we were all responsible for posting our own information and photos. Despite the fact that I fussed over bio edits and only had photos of spongebob and gollum on hand and despite the fact that I may also have accidently deleted one of the keynote speakers photos- I am quite enthusiastic about this way of a self organizing a meeting or conference. It seems far more community based and cooperative and spontaneous. I feel like I already have my first take away.

More later.

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