Arriving at Cortes

So there wasnt a float plane…no Twin Otter. We landed at one of those carbon copy transport canada airports in campbell river then a local entrepreneur drove us to the pier where we caught the water taxi over to Cortes. The ride through fjords, past quadra island and then to cortes island was spectacular, except that i started comparing iphones with one of the other participants and we went heads down for a lot of the trip. It turns out that he has created several of the apps for the iphone, he showed me his astrology and iching apps. I showed him my favorite the ‘brain lantern’.

By early evening i had met such a diversity of people from all over north america from all fields whether medical, legal, software, venture capitalist or social. We have come to develop a common understanding of open. What is the language of open, the culture of open, how do we ‘grow’ open knowledge sharing.

I have to say that despite the diversity of people here what i have found most interesting is that the problems are essentially the same. Building a culture of change, opening up and integrating knowledge in cultures where sharing is still alien. I think there is also a shared passion and believe that we are truly at a tipping point with these technologies and we are all trying to make the world a better place (Public servants sometimes forget this). I ended up discussing how to build an open medical records system for africa with a pediatrician until late into the night and woke up early to watch a truly spectacular sunrise on the beach. I am excited about what i will learn today and it will be a busy day. I have been asked to lead a discussion on culture change in large organizations, to share our experiences and I am glad to do this. but we will also be mapping open from all these diverse points of view.

Eric G has suggested that I post some of the key ideas in order to engage some of the passionate people back in ottawa in the discussion. I will suggest it to the ‘circle’ this am but i dont see a problem. They are very open.

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One Response to Arriving at Cortes

  1. anna says:

    Like wow Peter. Are you wearing sandals and growing your own heirloom pumpkins? I am just jealous, that’s all!

    I am curious about the culture change dialogue. Does culture change begin to happen when the technology is used or does it start before the technology comes into play? What kind of feedback did you get? How are others dealing with culture change.

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