Apple i-touch research

When i got my i phone i gave my i-touch to my nephew, who has just started university, on condition that he do a little research on how the i-touch could be used in an academic setting.  Below is his first report.

M:”…The touch is workin pretty slick though and as far as my research on that, ive come up with some basic facts

-it slows homework completion
-major distraction in classes
-makes girls wanna touch too
-screams that ive got deep pockets

So basically, every university student should have one…”

‘Sigh’, This wasnt exactly what i was looking for but if you want to understand the minds of the net geners or the millenials etc.  gotta take what comes your way.   although I have to say that the whole meeting girls dimension should have been obvious.  He is 19…

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