Helping out in guatemala

I was discusssing with a friend a project she and her charitable group has undertaken to help a guatemalan village build a school in early next year.

She wanted to know what should be looked at to set up a computer room and link to the Internet in this small remote vilage I told her what little I knew but suggested that we could ask the Twitter community for help. So help out if you know something or someone. Pls post here or tweet us. Thanks and I hope this works.

Here is a note provided by Joanne

Subject: Guatemala 2010

Hey Peter,

It was good talking to you today.

Click here to access our Amitié Gaitneau-Monde Website

Here’s a short description of the computer room to set up…

A classroom with 35 computers is going to be set up at Hogar Shalom’s school. The «clase informatica» will be used for teaching but also to allow peasants from the neighbouring shantytown to develop their computer skills. Teaching of commonly used office tools and access to the internet are planned for this classroom.

The school intends to use desktops that will be networked. Each will have its own power supply. The room will not have wireless access (isn’t that contrary to have them networked?). That’s all I know for now.

My question is…how do we go about it?


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One Response to Helping out in guatemala

  1. neavilag says:

    Hi, depends of where in Guatemala you can have coverage of:

    ADSL Internet
    3G network

    if remote your only option is Satellite

    If pc’s are desktops and have a cabled network, why you will want to have a wireless access ??

    Let me know if you have more questions..

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