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The 140 character attention span

Are social media changing the way we think and write?  Oh yes they are.  Is it a good or bad thing?  According to commentators concerned with their impact we are losing our capacity to reflect and to think deeply.  Growing … Continue reading

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Thus clack clackity scheisse! clacked Zarathustra

Towards the end of his life Frederick Nietzsche’s bought a typewriter. The philosopher’s vision was failing and he needed a tool to help him continue his work. According to academics, Nietzsche’s use of the typewriter had a profound effect on … Continue reading

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Cop out #1

So i basically slacked off on the second day of my ambitious, some almost everyone would say over ambitious, attempt to write a blog post a day.  i would have conveniently forgotten about posting today and just made it up … Continue reading

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Blog Post #1

I cant believe that i am trying to live up to my new years resolution of writing a blog post a day.  its 27 days in to 2010 and ive only written one, internal,  mini half hearted blog.  I  have … Continue reading

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