Blog Post #1

I cant believe that i am trying to live up to my new years resolution of writing a blog post a day.  its 27 days in to 2010 and ive only written one, internal,  mini half hearted blog.  I  have never actually kept a new years resolution before except to drink more water and even then i had to widen the definition of water to include anything with liquid in it.   I guess i am just intrigued with the challenge.  Is it physically and psychically possible to do this?  Can i think of something to say every day that anyone would find interesting or useful or informative?   Mostly i am wondering how am I ever going to adapt.  Shorter blog posts might help (can anything more than 140 characters be a blog post?), stream of consciousness writing too, or,  lets face it,  cheating is always an option as long as its open and transparent cheating.  So there ive done it blog #1 only 361 to go.

By the way if anyone has any suggestions on how to write blogs fast please help me out.

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