Cop out #1

So i basically slacked off on the second day of my ambitious, some almost everyone would say over ambitious, attempt to write a blog post a day.  i would have conveniently forgotten about posting today and just made it up later except a guy from the Rock is on my case over it.  Thats social media for you, no matter where you are in the world you can still get called on not living up to your commitments.  So now i really need to do something.

I think Nick Charney had mentioned a while ago Dragon naturally speaking software which translates voice into text and boasts a high accuracy rate.  According to the lit the average person can speak at 120 words a minute but only type at 40.  I am not sure how much the average public servant speaks but its gotta be in the 180 range and probably types around 5 per hour if you average in vetting and approvals.  So this might be a great option for me.  There is even an iphone app (currently only available in the US) this could be a major cheat on my part.     So there you have it adaptation in action.

And just so you think this is just going to be superficial i am definitely going to tackle the whole issue the death of writing…but i have to wait for dragon to do it.


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2 Responses to Cop out #1

  1. Bruce Pike says:

    Check with Kathy Beaton in our Fredericton Office if you want a COMPLETE endorsement of Dragon Naturally Speaking. She has been using it for years and swears by it. Call her, I dare ya. lol

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