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Random Topic Generator #1

Earlier today i asked randomly selected individuals to suggest blog topics. I am not sure who first came up with this idea, i think i saw it on the twitter stream, but given the fact that i am falling behind … Continue reading

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A Canadian First? Tweeting the Olympics

I watched the opening ceremonies of the Vancouver Olympic games tonight, or half watched it.  While one half of me was wrapped up in the celebration of aboriginal culture, images of prairie wheat fields,  falling red maple leaves, our music, … Continue reading

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How my brain and the internet are working together

I was looking at Bill Cheswick’s map of the internet.  This is the map that plots the number of connections between operating systems on the internet and creates an image of those connections and there are billions of connections and counting. … Continue reading

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Playing with Dragon

One of the brainwaves i had for producing a blog a day with a minimum of effort was to rely on labour saving technology. I have been waiting for the release the dragon dictation iphone app, available several weeks ago … Continue reading

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Cheat blog #1

So far I have written 6 blog posts in 8 days.  This is actually pretty good for someone who is a born procrastinator.  If my calculations are correct it also means that at this rate I am going to be … Continue reading

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The world brain

I was browsing through wikipedia today looking for something about shared knowledge bases and came across an this wiki article on the “world brain”, an idea described by HG Wells in the late 30s as an encyclopedia of encyclopedias, accessible … Continue reading

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