Cheat blog #1

So far I have written 6 blog posts in 8 days.  This is actually pretty good for someone who is a born procrastinator.  If my calculations are correct it also means that at this rate I am going to be publishing 90+ posts on december 31 2010 if i am going to meet my blog-a-day commitment.  No worries that’s in the future.

So not having anything else ready to post i thought i would cheat by talking about the experience of writing a blog so far.  This may seem egoistic and a little bit desperate but i am a philosopher by training and there is a time honoured tradition of sitting around and self reflecting on all kinds of topics, psychology for example, or metaphysics, or if you were Descartes thinking about thinking. ( I am sure at some point Descartes had to be thinking about if he really existed when he wasn’t thinking.)

Blog Post Digression

Descartes at a Party: A one act play

(Descartes is standing in a crowded ballroom, stage left with a cup of mead and a canape thinking about if he really existed when he wasn’t thinking, he shrugs his shoulders and spills drink on french royal personage)

French Royal Personage: Merde! you fop,  you’ve spilled a drink on us!

Descarte: Sorry I wasn’t thinking (Descartes disappears in a flash of light as he resumes not thinking)

The end

So 10 bucks or if youre in ottawa a pitcher of beer to anyone whose read this far and can tell me the conceptual/metaphysical error with my first play.

Blog observations

Writing a ‘daily’ blog under these time constraints has meant reading more and then rapidly assembling what has been read into a few paragraphs.  One of the things about google, wikis and blogs is that i can within the space of half an hour research a topic and come off sounding informed.  But can my 30 minute scan of several sources on Nietzche’s typewriter yield useful observations that are grounded in reliable information?  Maybe it wouldn’t matter at all if this was a personal diary but my blog is accessible to the world via google.

By writing my 6 blog posts I have added to a world knowledge base my own points of view bad or good,  interesting or boring, insightful or off the mark and these blog posts will be read by a few people over time,  and, it could be a very long time.  I am not sure what will be done with blogspot or wordpress or any other tools as time passes but i cant help but think that these will be preserved as an essential history of the internet.

Maybe a thousand years from now some “world brain” archivist or  archeologist of knowledge will read my post and find some useful historical insight or be completely misdirected by it.  If that is the case then “hey there” and or “oops sorry”.

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