Random Topic Generator #1

Earlier today i asked randomly selected individuals to suggest blog topics. I am not sure who first came up with this idea, i think i saw it on the twitter stream, but given the fact that i am falling behind on the blog-a-day new years resolution and i am also naturally inclined to save energy that might otherwise be expend by thinking up topics on my own, I decided to poll people at Raw Sugar, my local coffee house for topics. The server and 4 patrons volunteered the list below. The first three people I gave no guidance on topic areas instead trusting to chance. The latter two came after i decided that a bit of guidance was required after all.

1) Why do castrated moose’s horns grow back deformed
2) Where can i get decent DIM SUM in ottawa
3) My prediction on how Lost is going to end
4) Dealing with information overload on the internet
5) how does sm change the way govt and press control information

So, for this to play out properly i have to not only write on all these topics but research them and come up with a useful perspective. This seemed like more than I bargained for until I took stock of this randomness and it turns out i know of a scientist who studies moose populations; i hate dim sum but know plenty of people who dont; there is a writer at ew.com who writes on the philosophy of Lost, and I know something about the last two topics.

Location:Cambridge St N,Ottawa,Canada

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2 Responses to Random Topic Generator #1

  1. deepishthoughts says:

    So i never really followed up on these topics but unfortunately it remains one of the most visited posts on this blog, largely it seems by quantum physicists who are lured here by the topic “randomness” or by individuals with certain predelictions for wild animal trivia. Sorry all i am never gonna follow up on these topics which is kind of fractal of me dont you think?

  2. SOpeApess says:

    Im sorry for off. I’m confused , Kim.K scandal tape that all keep talking – not fake?

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