Information management in the great “open” of openess

Im not a librarian or a curator or a IM specialist and i have been known to tick off these occupational category occupants from time to time in my role as restless government bureaucrat. But i have been working in this space for almost 15 years and i love the idea of information management. I also have a thing for underdogs. IM has not been an influential discipline having been marginalized in government decision making and the allocation of resources. It is also generally considered boring and irrelevant by public servants if considered at all. This is changing.

Its not surprising that IM is going mainstream. We live in an information age, work in an information economy and have taken to generating information at dizzying rates in our daily business of analyzing, informing and briefing the government heirarchy. But if anything is finally driving home the importance of managing information it is the opening up and sharing of data and information inside and outside government institutions.

Openness needs the basic IM principles of classification and filtering to thrive and grow. And you see them very actively used in the social media tools. Trending topics, hashtags, retweeting and social filtering are all IM and are essential to sharing an communication in the open environment of the Internet.

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