Emergent social media culture in government

The coolest thing about launching a whole bunch of social media tools over the last 30 months was watching the emergent community take up the tools and gradually progressively learn to use them in inventive and novel ways.

The best thing we did in these early days was be honest and admit that we didn’t have a clue about this technology; how to best use the tools, what their business purpose was etc.

So we launched our wiki and our blogs and our nrtube without a lot of analysis of the business need, with minimal guidelines and an uncritical trust in community.

What we have been rewarded with is an emergent collaborative community that continues to gain momentum and real credibility at senior levels, advising on public service renewal and all things web20. The real test will be to see how far this community can go in supporting new government activities. Is it more than just an informal advisory community?

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