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5 reasons to keep everything- An argument for digital information hoarding in the government of Canada

A key theme of the upcoming  Government of  Canada discussions on the   “digital office” is going to be electronic recordkeeping.  This is not surprising since the prime mover for this initiative is Library and Archives Canada, an institution charged with preserving records of historical … Continue reading

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Enabling the Digital Office

Recently, ADMs from across the GC met to discuss a “digital office” initiative. This meeting, co-chaired by Library and Archives Canada (LAC) and Treasury Board, was convened to launch an exploration of this digital office idea and look at some … Continue reading

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Power of twitter

We all have stories to be told about how powerful Twitter can be as a community builder. I love the small, personal and inconsequential stories that show every day humanity. Last night Peter Cowan, my namesake who lives in Portland … Continue reading

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Emergent social media culture in government

The coolest thing about launching a whole bunch of social media tools over the last 30 months was watching the emergent community take up the tools and gradually progressively learn to use them in inventive and novel ways. The best … Continue reading

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Information management in the great “open” of openess

Im not a librarian or a curator or a IM specialist and i have been known to tick off these occupational category occupants from time to time in my role as restless government bureaucrat. But i have been working in … Continue reading

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I am really getting behind on my blog-a-day commitment. It’s been at least a week and a half since i last posted. My excuse is that the hard drive on my MacBook blew up and as luck would have it, … Continue reading

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Random Topic Generator #1

Earlier today i asked randomly selected individuals to suggest blog topics. I am not sure who first came up with this idea, i think i saw it on the twitter stream, but given the fact that i am falling behind … Continue reading

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