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Information management in the great “open” of openess

Im not a librarian or a curator or a IM specialist and i have been known to tick off these occupational category occupants from time to time in my role as restless government bureaucrat. But i have been working in … Continue reading

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I am really getting behind on my blog-a-day commitment. It’s been at least a week and a half since i last posted. My excuse is that the hard drive on my MacBook blew up and as luck would have it, … Continue reading

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The world brain

I was browsing through wikipedia today looking for something about shared knowledge bases and came across an this wiki article on the “world brain”, an idea described by HG Wells in the late 30s as an encyclopedia of encyclopedias, accessible … Continue reading

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The 140 character attention span

Are social media changing the way we think and write?  Oh yes they are.  Is it a good or bad thing?  According to commentators concerned with their impact we are losing our capacity to reflect and to think deeply.  Growing … Continue reading

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